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Paul Deming, Board President, Church Worship Leader

Paul Deming

Paul, currently the Chair of our Board of Directors, serves as one of our worship leaders.  A professional musician, Paul shares his talent with our church community by providing worship music each week at the Garden Chapel.

Born in upstate New York, Deming has been playing and writing music since he was 9 years old.  His song, From the Rising of the Sun, was published by Integrity Music in several languages and countries including France, Germany, Africa, and China. He has written songs for Operation Liftoff, United Way and other charities. 

Now lead guitarist for the popular St. Louis band the  
Ralph Butler Band, Paul Deming divides his time between teaching music at Rohan Woods School, giving private guitar lessons, and consulting for his own telecommunications company Green Day Telecom (no relation to the band).

Listen to song samples from our own Paul Deming's praise and worship CD, Wise Men Still Seek Him.

Paul's Personal Statement

"I am a blessed man. Itís not about financial stature or however many talents we can profess. What we are is about our choices and what we choose each day to give of ourselves to our loved ones; family, community, and our world. What we choose to believe about ourselves and what is possible in our lives affects what we believe about others and what is possible for all. If we are peaceful and happy in our own lives we will spread peace and happiness to the world.

Whatever your passion, I hope you can See a Bigger Picture. We are here for a purpose. Musically speaking, we are here to Create Harmony, not discord. When someone takes an occasional solo, we celebrate them as heroes in our lives. Real beauty occurs when we each do our part, raise our voices and join in a glorious choral anthem that celebrates, honors and protects all life on this blue planet."

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